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The Ancient Greek Musical Modes, the Four Temperaments and their Planetary Links.

This is quantity four in a set of brief articles exlaining the right way to use historic musical modes to strengthen mental balance and interior concord. The first article lined the topic broadly; the second dealt with the Phlegmatic Temperament; and the third, with the Choleric temperament. The present article offers with balancing the Sanguine.

I may even go into the traditional Pythagorean idea of the Four Temperaments and the Eight musical modes.

Sanguine types are usually very sociable?. When it's in steadiness, the sanguine humour exhibits these characteristics:-

* Cheerfulness

* Affable nature

* Warm persona

* Enthusiastic nature

* Optimism

* Pleasant personality

* Simple going character

When it's unbalanced it projects:-

* Lack of perseverence

* Hassle with punctuality

* Absent mindedness

* Wears Coronary heart on his/her sleeve. (Too naive and trusting)

* Inconsistent

Enjoying the Lydian mode will increase the good qualities of the Sanguine. So, if we need to really feel extra sociable, or more optimistic, for example. we must always hearken to that mode. If, on the other hand, the Sanguine is too robust in us, (maybe we have been partying a little an excessive amount of not too long ago, or need grounding), we could play the hypolydian. This mode would additionally help correct an out-of-stability Sanguine if we occur to have been experiencing negative Sanguine qualities.

The Temperaments and the Planets

In accordance with the Astrology of the Pythagorean Faculty, each Temperament is governed by two planets: One magnifies the results of the temperament, and the opposite minimises them.

The phlegmatic is elevated by the SUN and minimised by the MOON;

The choleric is exaggerated by MARS and decreased by MERCURY;

The sanguine is magnified by JUPITER and minimised by VENUS;

And the melancholic is increased by SATURN. There isn't any planet to steadiness the Saturnian impact on the melancholic, but I will take care of that in a couple of moments.

The Eight Musical Modes and the Planets

The eight modes and seven planets leave a mode with no planet. This is the explanation why the melancholic humour has only one planet related to it.

The dorian is governed by the SUN. So one of its strengths is that it's good for normal alertness. The hypodorian, alternatively, is dominated by the MOON. So it helps us to go to sleep. Due to this fact these two modes stability the phlegmatic, which can be dominated by the Solar and Moon.

The phrygian mode is ruled by MARS. Mars, being ?warlike,? works in direction of the character of the Choleric. The hypophrygian, however, is dominated by MERCURY. As Mercury is a messenger, this mode is beneficial for reducing the warlike nature of the Choleric, and changing it with extra communicative styles of leadership.

JUPITER rules the lydian mode. Jupiter is historically the "bringer of jollity"?, subsequently this mode is essential for increasing the Sanguine. The hypolydian, however, is dominated by VENUS. Venus is the Goddess of affection. As such, she is worried with a lot deeper emotions (perhaps even "sadder", more tragic feelings) than the flighty preoccupations of the Sanguine. So this mode is sweet for moderating the sanguine.

The Development of the Modal Scales

The eight Pythagorean modes can be shortly obtained by basing them all on an peculiar major scale. Let's look at C major as an example, as it's made up solely of white notes on the piano keyboard.

These are the notes of C major:


The dorian mode is identical, but beginning and ending on the second word (D). From the therapeutic perspective, the mode solely has a range of seven notes, so it goes like this:


Equally, the phrygian mode starts on the third word, (E);

The lydian goes from F to E;

And the mixolydian goes from G to F.

These four are the "authentic modes". The 4 "hypo-" modes are known as "plagal". These steadiness their genuine companions, and are to be discovered beginning a 4th below. So, for example, the hypodorian starts on 'A' (a 4th beneath t

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Steven Gillhouse Specialized Profile

As an govt director of gross sales and marketing procedures, Steven brings extensive credentials to the table. Steven Gillhouse was also most lately company officer for one of many world's most respected companies, USG Company.

In 1980 Steven M Gillhouse graduated from Bowling Inexperienced State University and instantly began working for the Donn Corporation, a company that manufactured industrial constructing products. Steven Gillhouse was able to put his bachelors degree in business administration to good use during his tenure with the Donn Company.

United States Gypsum bought the Donn Company in 1985, and Steven selected to place his abilities to good use on the Fortune 500 corporation. USG is a 5 billion greenback manufacturer and distributor of industrial constructing products excessive-efficiency building strategies used worldwide. The products that USG manufactures are sold primarily by way of OEM distribution channels, which stands for original tools producer's, though they're also carried throughout sizable business and retail chains all over North America and Europe. Transitioning to USG handled Steven Gillhouse as well as he rewarded them, as Steven was promoted 12 occasions by way of three unique divisions throughout his 27 12 months profession with United States Gypsum.

Steven Gillhouse held positions in Ohio,Central Texas, and San Francisco.

While in San Francisco, he was placed into the United States Gypsum Industrial Products Division the place he held the position of Gross sales Manager for the Western Area. On this station, Steve Gillhouse led a 10-individual gross sales squad that lined your complete Western United States.

After proving his competence in Northern California, he was promoted and relocated yet again, this time to Chicago to work straight out of the USG corporate nerve middle. His new title was that of selling supervisor for suspension programs section of USG Interiors Inc. Steve Gillhouse managed the implementation and growth of their new $150 million dollar product line enhancement and was straight accountable for escalating their yearly gross sales by 10%.

After Steven M Gillhouse's 1996 promotion to director of marketing and buyer services, Steven Mark Gillhouse took a customer service lineup of 60 staff distributed across 5 areas and consolidated them into one building, saving USG Interiors Inc. over 30 % of their former costs.

Across the same time in 1996, Steven Gillhouse superior his education by incomes his MBA from Northwestern College's J.L. Kellogg Graduate College of Administration with an emphasis on advertising and marketing.

As area gross sales manager for USG Interiors, Steven Gillhouse led a 12-particular person gross sales group masking five states, leading to a brand new distribution technique; and was promoted to the place of director of sales, Western U.S. for USG Interiors, Steven Gillhouse carried out a sophisticated promoting technique for a workforce of forty five sales representatives.

In 2000, when Steven Gillhouse was named VP of gross sales, Southern division, for USG Constructing Methods, he led a $500 million / 100 person sales outfit which integrated two enterprise group sales organizations to more effectively and expeditiously assist clients whereas dropping overhead by 20 p.c.

In 2001, Steven Gillhouse began a series of continuous teaching programs targeted on management via the University of Chicago. Steven Gillhouse continued to take these programs the next seven years.

As director of marketing, USG Constructing Techniques, Steven M. Gillhouse directed a $1.8 billion, 20-particular person product advertising organization, growing new product gross sales by 10 p.c; and, as normal manager, USG Industrial Merchandise Division, Steven Gillhouse was responsible for a $100 million P&L endeavor, rising sales 10%, working revenue 30% whereas exiting unprofitable businesses saving $2 million.

After being named Vice President of Sales of United States Gypsum constructing methods, Steven Gillhouse directed a workers of 50 people and bolstered USG's product specifications and major product closure rates by 25 percent.

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The Strategy of Laser Tattoo Removal

The practice of having tattoo on the pores and skin is not new to the human civilization. This dates again to the pre-historic occasions. But tattoos never went out of style since its inception. The methods and methods of constructing tattoo range with tradition and region. Nonetheless, the 'science' of getting these marks remains identical i.e. injecting coloured pigment within the pores and skin to make numerous designs. It was not before long that tattoos had been permanent marks. Eradicating them was quite a difficult job. Nonetheless, with the advancement of know-how, tattoo removal has grow to be a easy process. And now there are fairly a number of strategies to take away them.

Now earlier than you remove a tattoo there are numerous issues to be thought-about. As sometimes tattoo removal may lead to scars, pores and skin diseases and wounds. So the knowledgeable who handles the task of removing tattoo take into account many components like measurement and position of the tattoo, the therapeutic process (that varies from individual to individual), the technique used to make the tattoo. The length of time it was there. All these determine the tattoo removal process to be used.

Laser surgical procedure is taken into account as one of the most secure strategies of tattoo removing. On this approach, a particular cream or gel is applied on the tattooed part. This makes the skin very gentle. Thereafter this area is exposed to the laser mild. The robust gentle breaks the tattoo ink into fragments. These fragments are step by step removed by the scavenger cells in the body. To take away your tattoo by means of laser tattoo elimination method you might have to take it fairly a couple of times. The variety of periods that you'll want to take is determined by the amount and type of ink used and how deep it has been injected in the skin.

In the technique of laser tattoo elimination, a lightweight of acceptable wavelength is used that will take away the tattoo ink. There aren't any chances of the laser ray eradicating the traditional pores and skin pigment. It selectively targets tattooed part.

But present process the laser tatoo elimination surgical procedure is kind of painful. It has been described as getting the drops of hot wax on your skin. The tattoos of black colours are best to take away as they take in all laser wavelengths. In case of different colors lasers of acceptable wavelength have for use to take away them.

Earlier than going for laser tattoo removing, intake of non-aspirin products, like Tylenol is beneficial. This may treatment minor aches and pains previous to the surgery. This is because aspirin-merchandise like Ibuprofen may cause extreme bruising after treatment. Apart from this, the appliance of a prescription anesthetic cream can be advisable a couple of hours before the laser session. The cream is completely eliminated as soon as the surgical procedure begins.

After the laser tatoo removal therapy, a non-bacterial cream is used on the world followed by a correct dressing. Most individuals are suggested to take bath a day after the surgery. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that the area should not be scrubbed. The handled space may stay a bit red for a few days.

There are usually not many unwanted effects of laser tattoo removing. However there are probabilities of getting hyperpigmentation, that's too much coloration on the handled area of the skin or hypopigmentation, whereby the skin is not going to have the conventional shade.

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10 Reasons to Encourage Fitness within the Office

As business house owners or managers, it is important to keep in mind that our most vital property are our employees! We would like our staff to enjoy their work atmosphere, and to carry the perfect of themselves to their jobs every single day. Encouraging our workers to embrace fitness as a life-style choice pays off in quite a few methods!

1. Match workers are less more likely to get sick. A person who is physically match is mostly more proof against the "bug going around" than a person who isn't fit. Lowered absenteeism and diminished health care expenditures are the result of a match employee base.

2. Fit staff have more power. One of the many advantages of standard exercise is increased and sustained power all through the day. This vitality allows the worker to remain targeted on the duty at handing, bringing the very best of themselves to every job.

3. Match employees have more self-confidence. A fit and healthy individual tends to have a high level of self-confidence, as a result of they have proven to themselves that they will accomplish what it takes to acquire a stage of physical health. This self-confidence empowers the worker to problem themselves, and attempt for higher levels of feat within the office.

four. Fit employees inspire confidence. An persona who maintains a excessive fitness level, tends to be an individual in whom others trust.

5. Match staff are inclined to tackle extra management roles. Because of the various positive benefits of a way of life, a fit particular person tends to make a very good chief

6. Fit workers set and achieve objectives. Extraordinary health typically demands that a person set and attain objectives associated to their health. Learning to remain true to your objectives and see them by way of to completion is a ability that is naturally introduced into the workplace. An employee with the proven means to set aggressive goals, and then REALIZE these targets, is a priceless asset to any group.

7. Match employees are inclined to have better attitudes. Fit workers usually "really feel good". They have an inclination to have a bodily and psychological "steadiness" that results in a extra positive perspective within the office.

eight. Fit staff are less pressured. Common exercise releases the bodily AND emotional tensions that life brings our approach, thus a match employee tends to have decrease overall stress levels than an employee who does not engage in regular exercise.

9. A match worker base presents excellent group-constructing opportunities. Staff actions like softball or tennis are fantastic methods for employees to take their professional relationships to new levels, and discover new methods of working together. Clearly, employees that keep a degree of health usually tend to participate in these activities.

10. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for worker's well-being, and pays off! Workers NOTICE when an employer exhibits concern for the health and well-being of their employee base by way of quite a lot of wellness packages. Additional, it has been proven that worker turnover is significantly lower among workers that take advantage of a wellness program applied by their employer.

Cyberbullying: Teen Social Life in the twenty first Century

Cyberbullying: Teen Social Life within the twenty first Century

In case you are the mum or dad of a teen or have a teen in your life, then you're surely accustomed to Twitter, MySpace, Fb, Tumblr, YouTube, and countless other social networking websites the place teenagers congregate. These websites have grow to be a “digital playground” the place anonymous teens engage in vicious bullying without even leaving the house. The bullying isn’t restricted to the internet though. Teens are being harassed by peers via mobile phone textual content messages also. The internet offers anonymity and permits bullies to have interaction in habits that would not be socially acceptable in a public forum. Sadly, the tragic story of Megan Meier, who committed suicide after enduring cyber-bullying, is an instance of seriousness of this problem. Megan’s loss of life delivered to gentle the necessity for legal guidelines to carry cyber bullies liable for their actions. In truth, this phenomenon has challenged many states (Texas, New Jersey, Oregon, California, Rhode Island, and New York) to establish laws to cope with cyber-bullying issues. There may be even a non-revenue foundation devoted to educating younger folks about internet security: i-SAFE Inc. Dad and mom want to talk with their teenagers about cyber-bullying and monitor what their teen is doing online.

An equally disturbing pattern is the physical assaults of friends that teens are videotaping for broadcast on the web. Not only does a victim endure bodily ache, he/she now must endure infinite humiliation as the beating is performed over and over again on in style websites corresponding to YouTube for thousands to see. There is a boomerang effect whereby the preliminary incident turns into fodder for hallway gossip at school, furthering the humiliation for the victim. In an interview with Folks journal for a narrative about a video beating of a Florida teen, Dr. James Garbarino (writer of a number of books on teen violence) stated, “Violence tends to become depersonalized when it’s on the Internet.”[1]

The problems arising from cyber-bullying embody teen suicide, faculty violence, and melancholy. Mother and father of teens should be educated about cyber-bullying and ready to deal with these problems in the event that they arise. Most importantly, dad and mom should concentrate on their teen’s online actions and set limits on this regard.

[Article originally written May 2008]

1“Mean Ladies” by Jill Smolowe, Steve Helling, Siobahn Morrissey & Kristen Mascia in Folks Magazine, April 28, 2008