Monday, July 30, 2012

Leasing Of Golf Cart

Other than just a sport, golfing has now turned a hobby for many. The interest for golf has increased over the few years as it not considered as an expensive game now. Since golf carts are an inevitable factor for any golfer as it helps in carrying them and their golf equipments from one hole to another easily, the idea of buying an expensive golf cart kept many of them away from golfing. But with golf cart leasing option, you can save on the heavy expense on buying a brand new cart or renting a cart every day. Most of the good models would go between 00 and 000. So, buying a new cart was considered a feasible expense for many. In that case, the idea of golf cart leasing is highly beneficial for people. You can now lease any type of carts without the need for buying them. Choose from the electric cart or the gas powered cart, whichever you like the most. When considering the fuel expense and pollution of gas powered carts, electric carts that run on batteries are being used for short drive.

If you are planning to lease a golf cart, then here are some benefits of leasing the cart. You can lease the cart from a dealer or from the golf facilities that take it as a big business. Since the servicing and maintenance requirements also come under the leases, the dealers are pretty more interested in leasing their carts. And remember, in most cases the carts that come with some issues are mostly given for lease. So, you should know that if you are using a cart for the short run, leasing would be economically advantageous, but if you wish to use it for a long run and a variety of purposes other than during golfing, then it is more viable to purchase a new cart that can run for more longer without much problem. If you are looking for cart leasing for affordable rates, then you can try the off seasonal leases that could provide carts at much lesser rates.

Operating lease and conditional leases are two different types of leases. There are also two lease programs to choose from, the Fair Market Value Lease program and the Fixed Purchase Lease Option.

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