Monday, May 28, 2012

The Rich Indian Community Of Panama

Panama property indicates that there is a good number of Indians present in this Central American country. Though not the majority (as the majority of citizens in this country are the Roman Catholics), they have been here long enough to own a rich tradition for themselves.

The Statistics

Currently, there are around ten thousand people in this Panama property who are of Indian origin. They are mostly employed under the industry of shipping (which Panama is known for) and there are also some of them who are mainly into commerce and trade of goods. There is a good majority of Indian people in the Panama type of property who are Hindu, and the minority is Muslim. For these people, you will note that in Panama the well-maintained temples and mosques are for them not just in Panama City but also in Colon.


The history of the Indian community is quite interesting. The entire Indian community is actually one which originated from the area of Gujarat and also in Sindh. Sindh is actually called Pakistan now. They made their first significant migration at the time when the country of Panama was overrun by Americans who had made it their responsibility to build the entire Panama Canal. These people were also from the exotic Caribbean islands during the time of the British rule. A lot of founders of the entire Colon Free Zone as a property were actually Indians. Ever since that time, the community of the Indians in Panama has significantly grown thanks the ever-growing arrival of immigrants who have made their way to this part of the country.

Later on, the Muslim Indian community in the country of Panama has decided to get more involved with the community of the West Indians through the game of cricket, which both sides immensely took a liking to. The Indian community started growing thanks to the addition of people who have a Muslim background and later on were actually big enough to come up with their own team. Pretty soon, the entire Indian community in Panama property were playing cricket often. At that time, the West Indian teams decided to look to other interests and left the Muslims and the Hindus to play this game on their own, which significantly helped to establish their presence in the Panama property.

While the country still recognizes the Roman Catholics as the majority, one cannot help but admire the rich culture and tradition that is present in the Indian community of Panama. True, cricket may be what they are also known for but the religious ceremonies and practices are all still being practiced in many parts of the country. Spices galore, colorful saris and cloths and lots of body adornment indicate that the Indian community of Panama is still alive, well and flourishing. Thanks to their devotion to religion, it is ensured that even in the younger generation living in the Panama property their culture and tradition will continue to endure for years and decades to come.

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